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Below are samples and descriptions of my web application development experience:
  • Pelican Pointe Homeowners Association: 2012-present
    • Using WordPress, HTML, CSS, and FileZilla to perform ongoing development and maintenance of this WordPress-based site.
  • CQG, Inc.: 2001-2007
    • 2006-07: For current version of corporate site, I facilitated project management between designers in Denver and .NET programmers in Russia, to keep development on schedule.
    • 2001-05: For previous version of corporate site, I used ColdFusion 5 to perform maintenance and new development.
    • 2001-07: For CQG's Intranet, I was the technical lead for development of a dynamic, database-driven site using ColdFusion, SQL Server, Microsoft IIS, HTML, DHTML, and Javascript. The intranet includes:
      • A fully functional content management system, allowing CQG employees worldwide to add, update, copy, email and delete web pages and files.
      • An interactive calendar providing information on employee schedules, market holidays, and upcoming events. The calendar uses a data source linking the intranet with CQG's Siebel implementation.
      • A series of interactive forms for human resources, finance, payroll, organizational learning, and network operations.
  • Aurora Masters Swim Team Web Site: 2006-present
    • Using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and FileZilla to perform ongoing development and maintenance of this site.
  • TRICARE Management Activity Manuals: 1997-2000
    • From 1997-2000, I was responsible for a publishing process of TMA Manuals using Adobe FrameMaker and Acrobat
    • I also used ColdFusion to develop and maintain the online portal for these manuals.